QB Daniel Jones Postgame — November 22, 2021

NYG Postgame (at Buccaneers) Transcripts: QB Daniel Jones
November 22, 2021

(On his first interception)
“Just a bad decision, trying to get the ball out of my hands. Got to be smarter in that situation.”

(On what the original play call was on first interception)
“Kind of looking at both of those guys; [running back] Saquon [Barkley] and then [tight end Chris] Myarick following him. Got to make a better decision.”

(On tonight’s overall offensive performance)
“We certainly didn’t execute, didn’t do what we were planning to do going into the game. There wasn’t much that was good enough. We’ve got to look at it, and we’ll see it on the film. We’ll see exactly what we’ve got to do better. But, certainly a lot to look at and a lot to improve on.”

(On if he expects changes to the offensive coaching staff this week)
“I haven’t thought about that. I know as players, certainly myself, feel responsible for how we played and executed and that’s on me. That’s on all of us to do better. I think we were put in position to make plays, and we’ve got to make them. That certainly starts with me. I felt like we were prepared and we had a good game plan going in.”

(On if offense still has faith in offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and why)
“Yeah, I certainly do. We do. Like I said, I think we were prepared. I think we had a plan, and we didn’t execute it. I think we feel responsible as players.”

(On why wide receiver Kenny Golladay was only targeted twice)
“I think [wide receiver Kenny Golladay], I think a lot of guys, we certainly wanted to get more involved and we didn’t. He’s a big time player for us, and we’ve got to get him more involved. That starts with me and finding him in some certain situations and getting him the ball. [Kenny Golladay], as well as the rest of the guys, we have to get everyone involved.”

(On what adjustments he believes can be made to make the offense more effective)
“It comes down to specific plays in specific scenarios. I think it’s on us to execute the situation. There are opportunities there, there are opportunities to make plays. We’ve got to do it. I’ve got to do it. It’s on each one of us.”

(On comments of Giants’ head coach Joe Judge that team has too much talent to struggle like this)
“We’ve certainly got good players at spots and we’ve got to do a good job of getting them the ball. Like I said, it falls on me to do that. We had chances; there were opportunities. I’ve got to do a better job finding those guys.”

(On if team had belief they could win this game)
“I think we certainly did going in. We had a good week of preparation, and like I said, we were prepared going in.”

(On how difficult it is for him to function while under pressure like he was today)
“Yeah, credit to their pass rush. They’ve got a good [defensive] front. Some good players. It’s on me to make good decisions, get the ball out of my hand on time, and see what they are doing on defense.”

(On if this loss seems like a tipping point for this team)
“We’ll go back and look at what happened, look how we can improve, and move forward as a team. That’s certainly my focus; to look at how I played tonight, correct the things I didn’t do well, and move forward.”

(On what needs to change offensively moving forward)
“Just executing opportunities we do have, and finding those opportunities. I’ve got to do a better job finding those guys, getting the ball out to guys in space, and letting them make plays.”